What Is Laparoscopic Surgery?

What Is Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopy is a technique that has been used for many years as a diagnostic tool or means to look through a telescope like device into the abdomen through a small incision.  In the 1980’s a video chip was placed on a laparoscope resulting in a high resolution image that could be viewed on a special monitor by surgical team.  The laparoscope is then used with instruments passed through small incisions to conduct operations that previously required large incisions and stretching of the abdominal wall.  This causes less operative trauma resulting in less postoperative pain and more rapid return to usual activities.
How Long Will I be Hospitalized After
Laparoscopic Surgery?

Gall Bladder and hernia surgery are outpatient procedures in most cases.   Heart-burn or reflux surgery, ulcer surgery, splenectomy, and intestinal resection generally require 1-3 days of post surgical hospitalization. The duration of hospitalization and recovery is impacted by a variety of factors including your general health and the nature of your problem.

When Can I Return to Work?

Because there is less trauma to the abdominal wall from the smaller incisions, there is considerably less discomfort and less chance that activity such as lifting will cause damage. General guidelines for return to work are that when you can comfortably perform your required activities. In most cases, this takes 7-14 days depending upon the type of work you do. This should be discussed with your surgeon and will be modified by your general baseline health and nature of your surgical problem.

Will My Health Insurance Cover Laparoscopic Surgery? 

Because significantly fewer inpatient hospital days are required for laparoscopic surgery, most insurance policies will cover these procedures as they would conventional surgery. Because employees generally return to work sooner from laparoscopic procedures, it is an advantage to employers in maintaining their work force. If you have any questions regarding the benefits of laparoscopic surgery for your employees, contact our office. We can provide patient information brochures and discuss these issues at employee health awareness functions. Any question garding health insurance coverage of specific procedures can be addressed to our office staff.